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Listen to me, and listen to me real fucking closely.
I can be gentle and tender,
Passively accepting my surroundings, and absorbing every inch of this bullshit that leaves me restless and uncomfortable,
But know that every levee has a point
Where its structure bends.
Know that when it breaks it will not be pleasant.
When it breaks, when nothing is held back,
It will not be pleasant.

And you can shrug or laugh it off,
(Whatever pretentious defense you want to pull)
Claiming that I throw out empty threats and can’t throw real hits,
But I will not need anything physical.

You can have your fun at the time I put into words,
But you will understand better when they rip, when they crush, when they gnash, when they mutilate.
I will not need anything physical.
I will tear you apart inch by inch with the grinding of my tooth against tongue, forcing your tongue into your cheek.

You have known my summer breeze but autumn is turning everything crystal clear,
And if by winter’s come you have not realized what you’ve done,
You will know my storm, my blizzard, my hurricane.
You will know tremors, earthquake and thunder.
You will know that the breaking of this levee will not be pleasant.

I do not absolve myself.
I do not absolve myself.
I do not absolve myself.

But I will at least attempt some introspection to inspect the cracks and fissures in my foundation,
Working my hardest to repair every damaged bit.
I want to know where your effort is,
I haven’t seen it anywhere.
And through that, you have the nerve to act as if I have been at fault this whole fucking time.

It’s clear to see nothing will get through,
So I am going to spend the night getting this shit out and getting over it in the morning.
But this is my warning:
Be mindful of the levee;
When it breaks, when nothing is held back,
It will not be pleasant.

- "I’ve Been Listening To ‘Dirty Water’ By Real Friends All Night" - Nishat Ahmed (via sickwithsyllables) -

Stars died for you and you have no right to throw that away.
Today is the best day of somebody’s life.
Likewise, today is also the worst day of somebody’s life (maybe even yours) so kiss someone pretty or give a random hug to your friends.
People can die or disappear whenever so why not give love away?
Smell the roses, but don’t disturb them.
Drink lemonade. Nobody, ever, has been upset after drinking a cold glass of lemonade after a long day.
And if they are, they’re an asshole.
Don’t be an asshole.
Remember, don’t be an asshole, everyone is fighting.
Pain is temporary.
This too shall pass.
A new season of some show is coming out soon.
Fall Out Boy is back and here to stay.
Your best friends are just a phone call away.
Somewhere, someone is falling in love.
Your wife is out there and dear lord, she is beautiful.
Either your birthday, summer, Christmas or halloween is just around the corner.
Jimmy Johns will always have freaky fast delivery.
The sun will come back.
Winter ends.
You have come this far and made it through everything that’s come.
You can do this.

- "Reminders For When I Am Sad" - Nishat Ahmed (via sickwithsyllables) -


"It’s not about being there for me,
It’s about respecting me enough to tell me why you’re not.”

Sex, Meth and Other Things I Don't Know How To Do


I didn’t know what “Spin The Bottle” was

until I was 17 years old.

I can count the boys I’ve kissed on my fingers

and half of them are family members.

In the 7th grade, a boy hugged me in the parking lot

and I gave myself a panic attack that lasted for three minutes.

My friends call me the…



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